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Negative @ Zeche/Bochum 18.09.2007


The fans of Negative had to wait a long time for their beloved six Finns. After all more than ten month lay between their last Germany Tour in November and their last album Anorectic, released in September 2006. All the more longingly did the fans await their favourites, partly armed with sleeping backs and camping mats in the early morning hours. The closer the time of entrance approached the more perceptible got the excitement of the waiting crowd. According to this the throng wasn’t missing and the Security had no other chance than to intervene.

As at 8 p.m. the support act Day Eleven started their show the mass was under control again and ready to get pulled by the music. Even if they couldn’t keep up with the succeed of the last year support act Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue they were able to heat the mood for the ensuing show.

At 20:55 finally the guys from Negative Jay Slammer, Snack, followed by Antti Anatomi together with Larry Love and singer Jonne Aaron entered the stage out of the dark. But someone was missing: Sir Christus. A confused side glance by the Negative Fronter told that even he couldn’t explain the absence of the guitarist. But just a moment later he appeared with a cheeky smile in his face, accompanied by the deafening noise of the crowd. Surprisingly they didn’t chose “Sinners Night/Misty Morning” or “Glory of the Shame” as Opener as usually, but took the equally powerful alternative “Misery”. Already after the first few beats it was sure that this would be a sparkling show.

Singer Jonne Aaron seemed to offer their loyal fans a concert at its best despite of his hoarseness and so bellowed after the Opener the song “Swans” through the hall. With each song Negative pushed the mood to a higher level. As “MyMyHeyHey” resounded the last fans defrosted and got carried away. “Frozen to lose it all” queued itself as one of the highlights of this night into the rock-laden program, before “Sinners Night/Misty Morning” and “Glory of the shame” offered tougher sounds. The audience was given a good shaking by the old Negative-manner. With the slow number “Secret Forgiveness” the six demonstrated their multifarious repertoire. Animated by the bawling crowd sang the head of the band JonneA Song for the Broken Hearted” with such a seminal belief that you could almost feel the hearts of some fans beating faster and pausing at “One last shot”. By the use of his impressive voice Jonne was able to take hold of the crowd  and to motivate them to take part of the show as he started to perform “We will rock you” during the instrumental part of  “One last Shot”. The audience got back to life as Larry Love and Sir Christus showed fascinating Soli at “Planet of the Sun” and “The Moment of our Love” and forced melodies from their guitars that halt the fans’ breath. It seemed as if an anew increase would be impossible until “Fading Yourself” and “Until You’re Mine” took possession of the crowd and enthusiasm exceeded the limit.

Therefore it was no surprise that the ‘We want more’ shouts brought the Finns to get out to rock the stage with three more songs. Breathtaking like the first part of the show the addition let beat the hearts faster one more time with “Embracing Past”, brought the mass with “Naïve” to a boil again, before it was carried with “In My Heaven” proverbial into heaven.

As they finally came to an end the Finns let themselves celebrate for minutes and thanked the mostly female audience as they often did before with roses. Apparently enthused by those good vibes Sir Christus dared a bath in the uproarious crowd from which he got astonishingly out on stage again without any injury.

All in all an unforgettable night, a simply said entertaining concert and once again the certainty: Negative means rock from the depths of the heart – a rollercoaster ride of feelings.

Review by lahja666 and *lost*enkelista*86* for PCG-Promotion.

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