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Interview with Antti Anatomy and Larry Love from Negative/ Dresden-Reithalle 15/09/07
Interviewed by Lithium Kitten for PCG-Promotion.
Copyrighted by Lithium Kitten/PCG-Promotion
Additional Thanks to Rock Bitch.

20 minutes too late Kari lead us into the basement of the venue, where the backstage room of Negative was located. We stepped into a dusty room where Jonne, Kris, Larry and Antti were waiting for us. Immediately those hysterical fans behind us ran over to Jonne and Kris- starting their interview while Rock Bitch and me introduced ourselves to Larry and Antti, handshaking. Both were really nice and Antti invited us to sit through them on the brown couch which was almoast a bit too small for four persons. Nevertheless we managed that and I remembered the words from Franzi about Larry's new blonde hair. I couldn't help myself and touched it:

Lithium: Oh dear. What happened to your hair?
Larry: Huh?
Lithium: It's blonde!!
Larry: *laughs* Well yes you know the guy who is actually doing our hair...
Lithium: Your hairdresser?
Larry: Yes. He went...kind of crazy.
Lithium: Aha. Interesting.

After that nice, little and most of all useless conversation we started our interview...

Lithium Kitten: How is it to be back here in Germany? I mean we've waited so long for you to come.

Larry: Well its really great.

LK:Really great? So you like Germany?

L: Yes, yes- of course. This is one of the best places to tour.


L: *thinks* Well I think everything is better than in Finland. If you look at the backstage places or the tourbuses- I think everything is better organised here.

LK: Okay. What do you think about that Antti?

Antti: Well that's true what Larry just said. I have also missed that touring through Germany. I mean I really like being on the tourbus and travelling you know and all the trouble that is around. And you know, everytime when we come here we are not only having one or two shows, for example this time it is eight or nine I think, and that is good for me. And so far everything is going well. This is our second show on this tour and I am just starting to get into it. *smiles* It's really nice to be back.

LK: Okay. So. When I was in Finland in April I saw some of those really fanatic fans. And before that I always thought your german fans are crazy but oh my god the finnish ones... I was really scared. *laughs* What do you think about such fanatic fans?

L: *laughs* Mhm...what do you mean?

LK: Uhm you know for example I watched HEIJASTE (Larry looks at me like I am out of my mind) and the girls there had this I kill you if you get too close to my band -look in their eyes...

L: Mhm yeah. Well the people in Finland have those kinda attitude : This band is from Finland- it's ours- go away! *smiles*

LK:Yeah I know. And it's scarry I think. I mean what about you? Aren't you scared? If you look at all those screaming fans waiting outside for you?

L: *shakes his head*

A: I don't know. Well, I know what you mean but I think for me it's...it might be a little bit different...a little bit more scarry for other fans than it's for us or for one who's playing in a band. Because they are not able to get too close to us for example when we're on stage you know because of all that security guys and stuff. But I know what you mean and there's this spirit- but I think it's more a main thing to other fans than to us. (Well, I have to admit that I don't know what his last sentence was supposed to mean. He is not scared because he got protection from the security guys? XD And what about THIS SPIRIT?)

LK: Well and I think you're used to it, aye?

A: Yes, that also. Right! *smiles* Because we know that for a couple of years already.

Larry behind Lithium's back: I think they are jealous!

LK (turns around immediately, surprised): Jealous???? On Germans? Are you serious?

L: Well...for everything. It's a kind of way in Finland.

LK (confused): Okay...because we're all jealous on..you! *giggles*

L: Oh..okay! *laughs*

LK: Yes because Germany is really, really mainstream (sorry Lulu) and we don't have that much great bands here.

Larry is nodding understandfully: Yes- that's true. (He seems like not listening properly to what I am saying...XD)

Lithium and Rock Bitch both burst out of laughter because of Larry's absent minded response.

LK: Uhm your fans heard Lost in America and you got really good feedback. Did you notice that?

L: Lost in America?

LK: Lost in America.

L: Uhm..yeah. There has been a really good feedback. But there's one problem...*looks to Kris who is sitting at the opposite side of the room, being interviewed* we can't play it! Because, I don't know if we are lazy or too much hassel or everything and Christus needs to..*points at the table*

LK: So you won't play it tonight?

A: You know I woke up an hour ago and I think you're the fourth person to ask that.

LK: Oh I am sorry.

A: No..no..it's no problem. The thing is that I can play it whenever we play it but I think that Christus doesn't remember the words.

LK: So you have to teach him!!!!

A: *laughs* Yes. So..you have to tell that to Christus.

LK: *laughs out loud* I will. For sure. (Really about to do but there was no chance since he was on the phone the whole time after our Interview)

A: And then we will play it hopefully because I'd really like to do it. ( In that case I have to admit that I am not really sure whether he really thought that we're going to tell Christus to study the lyrics...)

LK:You know it's just something different. We're always used to Jonne singing, which is of course great, too. But we'd be really happy to hear something new I think.
Uhm. Can we expect more like that? *facing Larry* Maybe you're changing your guitar with Jonne's microphone?

L: *shrugs* I don't know. *smiles*

LK: Are you thinking about it?

L: Hm. Actually not.

LK*not stopping teasing him*: You should!

L: Well I was a vocalist someday. So I don't know. Maybe sometimes.

LK *facing Antti who seems to fidge unpatiently like a little boy, waiting to get the chance to answer* : How about you? Would you like to sing?

A: Well, those are the things you're not thinking about until you get this stupid idea and say "Okay let's do it!". So for us it's really spontanous. We don't plan things like that.

Larry mumbles something behind Lithium's back- again.

Lithium turning around: Yeah?

L: No...*makes a sign with his hand to go on, smiling*

LK *laughs* : I just thought you wanted to say something. I didn't want to be rude and interrupt you.

L: No. It's ok. I was just thinking you know. Go on.

LK : Ok. Last time you were supported from JWRA and this time Day Eleven join you. And I wanted to know whether you become friends and stay like that after the tour or whether it's just a connection for that time? Or maybe you are already friends?

L: We are actually friends. They are from Tampere, too- like Jann Wilde. And we're all in the same company.

LK : And Jann is a big fan of you. I talked to him some weeks ago and he was saying only good things about you.

L: Really? That's cool.

LK : Yes it is. Okay next question. If you'd have to characterise yourself and the rest of the band, what would you say? Any things the fans don't know?

L: *about to answer when Christus's cell-phone suddenly rings.*

Antti takes it and after having a quick look on it he smiles mean and shows it to Larry:

Larry: Is it for Christus?
Antti: Yes.
Larry: Ohoh.
Antti: *laughs evil, hangs up and puts it back on the table*

LK : What would you say, Antti?

Antti: Sorry? What was the question?

Lithium Kitten and Rock Bitch both laugh because of Antti's face he made when we asked him.

LK : If you'd have to characterise yourself and the rest of the band, what would you say? Any things the fans don't know? Because we only know you on stage and since we are very curious... *grins*

A: Hard to find the right words.

LK : Like is someone a real diva? (Yes- talking about Jonne...)

A: Noooo. None of us is that. Everyone is far away from being a diva. (Jonne will show the opposite to Rock Bitch and Lithium Kitten later, right after the interview)
I think we're just guys who are happy with what they got. You know we are used to what we got and it's not always very much. ( PCG thinks that he meant that they're thankful because there was a time when they hadn't that much success and couldn't afford as much as now...but anyways we're not sure...)

LK : So...no dark secrets?

A: *laughs* No. No dark secrets! I think we have been pretty honest to ourselves and also to our fans. We're just the persons who we are.

LK : I think that is one of the main reasons why you are so popular among the fans.You're not acting like *doing something gay-looking funny thing with her hands* "Oh I am better than you! That's really important.

A: Yeah?

LK : Yeah, really. Because it is really nice for a fan to get in touch with the band for example when you're signing autographs and making pictures with us, you know? I really like that and the fans do that, too. That's pretty cool. It's not so easy for german fans to get in touch with german bands for example. Like Tokio Hotel you know? It doesn't...they're...whatever...

L: Divas!!

LK : *trying to overhear that, thinking of her loyality to Bill XD* Don't want to talk about them! *laughs* It's just as fan you'd like to get in touch with "your band" and that doesn't work here so often. So I kind of understand finnisch people when they don't want to share you! *laughs*

L: Yeeaaah...

LK : So...okay. What was the first impression of the rest of the band when you met them?

L: Hmmm? Sorry?

L: Your first impression of the guys!! *points at Nakki, Jonne and Kris*

Larry: Oh. I can't remember. *smiling*

LK :Oh my god!! You're not that old- you should.

L: I was drinking with Christus for two weeks immediately, when we first met. And then we were together in that band and I was kinda drunken you see? And Jonne was this uhm. I was watching one of Negative's gigs in Tampere and Jonne just ran on the street when I was walking there and he was really excited about everything. There was a news article in the paper and he said I have to read it (Lithium laugsh because of thinkging about: He has to read it! He will read it- I promise) and he was really into what he was doing and I thought we have the same kinda attitude and we have that still.

LK : So you're really getting along pretty well with eachother?

L: Yes.

LK : No fights?

L: No fights! *shakes his head*

LK : Antti?

A: Well when it first happened that I met Jonne I was a fan of them, actually. That was many, many years ago in Tampere, in Finland. I went there to watch their show. They were playing in a small club in Tampere and got some demos of them already. I really liked their music. And this time they weren't that much *smiles* fans, so I was pretty much the only one who was really excited. And after the gig I went to the guys to talk to them and said who I am and and asked who are you? You know we just started to talk about music. That was how I met the guys for the first time. And after that we got to know eachother for a little while and a little bit better and better and then this situation came up. The band needed a new bass player and the guys remembered me, you know this little, crazy excited fan called Antti who was at a gig and maybe they should call me. Jonne also remembered that I was supposed to play something but he couldn't remember which instrument it was exactly and this time I was used to play drums, you know? And when he asked me to join the band I told him that I was a drummer and not a bass player. *smiles* And Jonne asked whether I could learn how to play bass if I'd like to join the band. We thought it would be really great and...than I did! *smiles*

LK : So it was really exciting for both of you?

A: Yes you know. From *shows with his hands an imaginary distance from somewhere under the ceiling and somewhere down on the floor * I mean the guys were my idols and I was there fan.

LK : That's cute!

A: Yeah! *laughs* And then I became a part of the band. So it was really exciting for me.

LK : I understand that. So next thing. Is Jonne writing your songs by himself or do you help him?

L: Jonne is writing most of the stuff. And some of the songs are composed by myself. Some songs we do together with Jonne. But all the lyrics are from Jonne.

LK : Okay and if you are not content with it do you talk about that? Or is he saying : That is my business I do it my way?

L: Whether we discuss about the songs?

LK : Yes hm. If you don't like the lyrics.

L: Aahm. There hasn't been that kind of situation so far. So it is hard to say. I have always liked Jonne's lyrics. So I don't think so. You know because there has to be some kind of freedom for Jonne. Where he can write whatever he wants.

LK : To express hisself...

L: Yes.

LK : Good. Are there any international musicians you'd like to perform with? Like Tokio Hotel? *grins*

A: *laughs* Actually we were playing this gig four days ago. There was this one huge concert in Finland. It was shown on TV and every band was playing one song. We were performing there and THIS Tokio Hotel also. But..*laughs* Who'd I like to perform with? Hm.

LK : Well, maybe AC/DC? *laughs*

A: *laughs, too* Well yes, maybe AC/DC...

L: Steven Taylor from Aerosmith. I'd like to perform with him. He is kind of my idol.

L: How about you, Antti? Any Idols?

A: Well, there are so many. To count them all would take us an hour. *smiles* Well maybe Duff McKagen from Guns 'n' Roses (former member) he's a bass player and then there are many drummer I'd like to hang out. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters and former Nirvana - drummer) is one of them, Lars Ulrich from Metallica. He is my idol since I was ten years old.

LK : Do you know Travis Barker?

A: *gets big, sparkling eyes* Yeah! Well not personally but yes. I really like his style when he is drumming. It's really punky. You recognize him pretty easy. I think if you listen to a song, you can tell after one minute if it's Travis Barker playing drums. He really gots personal style.

Kari enters the room, telling us that there are five minutes left.

LK : Can you tell us the funniest thing that ever happened on tour?

A: Well, actually not. You know day after day there happens so much funny stuff on tour. Since we play in this band for many, many years it's impossible to tell.

L: It was kind of funny, when Jonne went on stage with his underwear.

LK : In underwear? Okay...

L: Here in Germany.

LK : I didn't see it.

L: With stars on it.

LK *remembers*: It was underwear???

L: Yes you know. Long ones... *shows imaginary, long underwear on his legs*

LK : We were wondering what kind of ugly pants this are. *laughing until tears run down her cheek and Antti and Larry start laughing, too*

L: They were from the 80s!

LK : They were freaky...and original! *still laughing*

Larry is still mumbling something while Lithium asks the next question.

LK : I know that you have some tattoos. What do they mean?

L: Huh?

LK : Your tattoos? *showing her arm* What do they mean?

L: *shows his hand* I can't wear rings because it's hard to play the guitar with them so I got a tattoo. And this one *shows his ring-finger* you know...some girl has the same.

LK : So it's like an engagement ring?

L: Yes.

LK : Ah, okay. How about you, Antti?

A: Well the first one I got was this one on my tummy. This is like a memory of my first big love. The girl left me, I was sad and then I did that. And then I have a japanese dragon on my right arm. You know when I was young I was kind of into Duff from Guns'n'Roses and all those guys with the legendary dragon tattoos. You know the old-school stuff. So I am giving big hands to my idols. *looks at his left arm for some seconds, points at it* Oh yes and here I got the notes from the chorus of our first single on our first record called "Lost Soul". It's the same like Jonne has. That is kind of historically because you have dreamed about becoming famous, doing records and stuff like that since you were a little boy and suddenly all of this happened. So I thought it might be pretty cool to get that.

Kari is moving unpatiently around in the room, waiting for us to get finished.

LK : Okay last question or we will be kicked out. What can we expect from in the future? Any plans?

A: Sorry?

LK : Any plans for your future? *laughs*

A: Oooooh. After this Germanytour we're touring through China and do some press. We've never been there before. So, it is our first time there and afterwards we go to Russia to do some gigs over there. Than our first NGT-DVD will be released and after that we go back to the studio and record some new things.

LK : Okay. That's it. Thank you very much.

Antti and Larry: Thank you.

Afterwards we asked Kari to take a picture of the four of us but we forgot that the video-modus was still saved so he took a short video where all of us are posing like waiting for a picture. Finally we got our portrait and after the guys signed some stuff and we said bye - we left the room.

A: Bye, bye and enjoy our show!!

Thanks to Kari for being so patient with us- in the end.
PCG would also like to thank Antti and Larry for taking time and a very nice conversation.
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