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Lovex -Berlin/May 2007

Interviewed by Lahja for PCG-Promotion
Copyright by Lahja/PCG-Promotion

You always get asked a lot of questions, most of them repeat a lot, so is there any question you’d like to be asked?
Theon: I always like talking about our band and the music.  -  We are asked about music, but if someone asks about personal stuff, then I’m not that keen on answering.
Although I would like to say, If I could be an animal, I’d like to be a giraffe.
Why a giraffe?
Theon: Well, I always dreamed of riding one. It would be cool to. Just to see everything from up there.

I think some of the songs that are on “Divine Insanity” you wrote a long time before the album was recorded. For example the lyrics of “Story”. It’s like the song “Die a little more” The same song with different lyrics. Why did you change the lyrics? Were they kind of too personal to you to put it on the album?
Theon: Actually there were more then one writers for lyrics of the song. But I guess we just wanted to make the lyrics for this song a bit better.

Some of your songs you perform on stage have got a sad background. Do you feel sad when you sing those songs? Or is the audience so good that you forget about?
Theon: I felt sad writing the lyrics, but on stage I only perform. It’s a show, a rock ‘n’ roll show. Of course you have to put some feeling into it. But for me, playing live is always so much fun. It’s not that I started to cry or anything like that.

So, you are musician, and so I’m sure when you were younger you had bands as well that you liked. Were there bands where you are going to concerts and waiting in front of the hall for hours?
Vivian: Well, not for hours, but I’ve been standing in lines for hours because I came so late.
Theon: I’ve been a couple of hours waiting for tickets. For example to get to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert. I’ve been waiting there for two hours and I was there already an hour earlier before the shop opened.   

Do you have any idols. Some band you get the chance to meet but you don’t want to because you want to keep them as your idols and not being disappointed by them?
Theon: Well, I’ve actually never been on the same festival with any of my favourite bands. And it’s hard to see Queen nowadays. Rage against the machine is getting back together. Silverchair has never been to Finland.
Vivian: I’d like to see Slash. They played at Provinssi Rock the same day we did. But we had the second gig, so we had no chance to see them.
Theon: I understand what you were asking about. Sometimes I’ve been really disappointed after hearing some of my favourite singers.

I think on almost every concert you play ‘Runaway’. So first of all, why are you playing that?
Vivian: Well, I think that it is a good song. It’s a great live song.
Jason: And I think so many people know that song.
Theon: And of course we only have one album out. So that we only have like twelve songs of our own. So it’s a lot easier to play one or two covers in the set, too.
Vivian: And I’m a big Bon Jovi Fan.

Are there any other songs you like to cover on stage?
Theon: Yeah! Maybe at some points. Mick Jagger was born on the same day as I. Well, of course a few years earlier. Maybe if we have a gig on my birthday I’d like to do some of the Rolling Stones songs alone with an acoustic guitar.

You have been a few days here in Germany. Did you learn any German words?
Sammy: Wunderbar!
Theon: Well, I actually studied German for two years when I was thirteen, I guess. I’ve forgotten almost everything. But there are still some words I remember and some stuff that I can say. I’m using the basic stuff that I knew already before I came here.

Do you know any other languages?
Sammy & Julian: Swedish.
Vivian: Maybe English as well!
Theon: And I had one course of Spanish but that was a while ago.
Jason: I used to know some words in Italian.
Christian: And I think all of us know some words of Estonia because it is so close to Finland.
Theon: And in Finland we say, whenever we grow up, we are speaking Norwegian.

When you are playing concerts outside of Finland, do you remember where you are going? Or is it just that you know you have a gig on that day but you don’t exactly know where that gig is?
Theon: Well, I’m not a very organised person, in any ways. I often even don’t know when we have the gigs. It’s like a few days earlier I check out ‘ok we have a gig on Friday’.

Do you go sightseeing if you have time to?
Theon: Well, here in Germany, yes! As much as possible. But in Finland there is not that interesting stuff.

Hopefully you will remember Berlin this time ^^
That was about the interview. Thank you!
Lovex: thank you very much….and enjoy our show  

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