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Private Line - Gloria, Helsinki @ August 18th, 2007 interviewed by Lahjah for PCG-Promotion.
Copyright by Lahja/PCG-Promotion.

Sammy: Hi, I’m Sammy from Private Line.
Illu: And I’m Illu.
Jack: I’m Jack.

Lahja: Right at the beginning, German fans are really waiting for you, did you know?

Jack: Yes!
Is there anything planed to come to Germany, a CD or something like that?
Jack: No, actually not!
Sammy: But we hope so! Let’s see. We actually don’t have a record lable in Germany right now. That’s the reason we are not touring there.
Jack: Hopefully things will change and our management will do something to bring us there. I mean, even if the album won’t be out in the next year, somehow we are coming to play some gigs at least in the first part of the year.

Lahja: And what’s new in Finland, any new album planed?

Jack: No! Nothing! (smile) I think we will release one more single from the actual album and something like a fall tour to keep the ‘Evel Knievel’ alive until the end of this year and then start to work on a new album at the beginning of the next year.
Illu: First making a tour and see what happens.
Sammy: The Album comes out in Brasil and Latin America, Argentina and so on next month. Hopefully we go there then for promotion and touring!

Lahja: A step back in your past: Have you been good at school?

Jack, Sammy, Illu: No!
Jack: No no, we haven’t been good at school!
Illu: We haven’t been at school at all! (laughter)
Jack: You can see what we are doing now!
This is why I am asking.
But you’ve got your Abitur, Jack!
Jack: Oh yeah, right, but that doesn’t mean anything. Illu has got Abitur, too. But Sammy is only a rocker! (laughter)

Lahja: When did you start with music?

Sammy: I was listening to my sisters album record collection at the age of seven, I guess, seven or eight. It was rock music. I started to play guitar when I was eleven years old and a year after I started my first band. This is why I lost interest in school.
Illu: Maybe I was nine years old. As long as I do remember I’m into music.
Jack: So it’s about 45 minutes.
Jack: I’m not sure. I think I was something like four or five years old. Then I listened to my sisters music collection. Hanoi Rocks and Sex Pistols and you know all this old rock music … I got my first guitar from my father. He got it from Russia. It was a seven string guitar and I threw it against the wall. This is my first memory about music industry!
Sammy: Of course it was from Russia, those seven string guitar.
Jack: Yeah, yeah. It was like Steve Vai’s guitar.
Sammy: Do you know that Adam and Eve were from Russia? It was like, they didn’t have much to eat there, didn’t have much to wear, they actually have got only one apple to eat, but they still call it paradise!

Lahja: What other instruments do you play?

Sammy: Drums, when I’m allowed to. They don’t like when I’m playing drums. I’m not so good about that. And bass guitar and I’m trying to learn piano. I can’t say that I’m able to play piano. I can take some chorus and some melody.
Illu: I also play keyboards. I actually started with keyboards in this band before they let me take the guitar. I can do the Banjo as well and the bass guitar, it’s quite easy. I took place at a championship…
Jack: Yeah, he almost won a championship for bass guitar solos. He has been second. So he can play the bass guitar!
Illu: Yeah, I rock!
Jack: I also play the bass guitar and a little bit singing. And I’m trying to program at my home studio. If you could call it home studio. It’s a computer and so. Yeah, it’s a home studio.

Lahja: Are you nervous before a concert?

Jack: Of course!
Sammy: Yeah!
Is there anyone in the band that calms you down or is everyone nervously whirling around?
Jack: I think it’s Spit, who is most calm from our group. And also Illu and I don’t know… Sammy?
Sammy: I just fake! But Jack is the most nervous.
Jack: Yeah! I tried to kill them all!
Sammy: But it depends. Tonight I’m a bit nervous, because the soundcheck wasn’t fine. But at least we have been at stage before, tonight, you know. There are gigs we don’t have any soundcheck, something like festivals or so, you go there to a totally strange venue.
Illu: Of course we are playing today in our hometown, so you are a little bit more nervous. Usually if you are playing somewhere you don’t know anybody from there.
Sammy: Yeah, here it’s your friends and maybe your family, so for sure you are a little more nervous.
Jack: You have to care about, whom are you showing your middle-finger. (smile)

Lahja: Who inspired you? Your style and your songs?

Sammy: As I told, I began with music when I was like eleven or twelve years old. Those 80’s bands were my favourites. Nowadays anything else than the basic rock … I’ve been listening to so much about the same kind of rock ‘n’ roll during all the years and nowadays I want to find something new, something fresh, something original. Now you get more inspiration in melodies and rhythm and before you got those powerful rock songs, that was a different kind of inspiration.
Jack: There are nowadays a lot of songs without message, you know. Don’t know how to explain, but they have only a nice melody and that’s all. Basically I like everything that makes me feel something.

Lahja: Do you visit concerts from other bands? What was the last one?

Jack: I’ve been to Naked?
Sammy: You have been naked?
Jack: No, I haven’t been naked at Naked! I saw Naked last Tuesday.
Illu: I saw a finnish band called PMMP. I like girlbands. (smile)
Sammy: Im trying so hard to remember, but ... I can’t remember.
Lahja: So long ago?
Sammy: No, but …
Lahja: You have been drunk?
Sammy: Yes!

Lahja: What song of your own is most important to you?

Sammy: Somehow like, eh, I just don’t know. I like all. I can’t say which I like most. They are all so fucking good.
Illu: Yeah, I can’t say that there is one song that is so good that it points out of the others.
Sammy: Do you mean they are not good enough? (laughter)
Illu: Sometimes I like ‘Gods of Rewind’ a lot. But it depends.
Jack: Yeah it’s like Illu said. It depends on mood. At this moment it is for me ‘Prozac Nation’ and ‘Gods of Rewind’ , those are the songs I like playing. But this is only right know, it’ll be different next week.

Lahja: What are your dreams and wishes concerning the band?

Sammy: Many, many, many!
Jack: Like moon and the stars! Hopefully many years in this combination.
Illu: And a successful tour and next album.
Sammy: Even outside of Finland.
Jack: Yeah, that’s all! (smile)

Lahja: So, at the end, do you want to leave a message to the Germans?

Sammy: Keep listening our music!
Illu: Buy our records.
Jack: Order them because you can’t get them at your country.

Lahja: Ok, thanks a lot guys, for this interview.

Sammy: thank you!
Illu: Yeah, thanks.
Jack: Thanks, and have fun at the show!
Sammy: Yeah, and don’t forget to take some picutres. (smile)
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