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Interview with Olli from L-60°

Interview taken by Lithium Kitten for PCG Promotion.
Copyrighted by Lithium Kitten and PCG.

Lithium Kitten: When and where have you met eachother?
Olli:  It's a looooong story. Let's say that I've met these guys somewhere along my career and liked their style and their attitude towards music& life in general.

LK:  Have you been playing in other bands before L-60?
O: Yes, we all have. I have personally played in tons of bands, since music has been my profession and my hobby for years.

LK:  Is the current Line-Up different from past days?
O: Yes, I have had like 3 different drummers, 3 different bass players and one guitarist before Ville. The current line up is THE line up for me...and we've been together 1½ years. AND L-60° IS 6 YEARS OLD NOW!

LK:  If you'd describe yourself and the others to me. What would you say? I mean are there maybe typically roles everyone has??
O:  Well, I'm the loudmouth of the crew.. I lead the band and talk all the time All the rest of the guys are kinda quiet ( typical Finns haha). Ville is the youngster, Tommi is the brains and Markus is the "backbone".

LK: Who writes the songs or are you doing that together?
O: I write all songs and lyrics... then I take the songs to the reherseals and we arrange them together.

LK: .You've played in Cologne this year. How is it to play infron of German audience?
O: Different than in Finland? Maybe better or worse? (I know..that's mean ;P)
Better, we love German audience.. and hopefully soon, we could have a change to do a longer tour in Germany.

LK: Why did you pick the name L-60?
O: My friend gave me the idea for it. It stands for latitude 60 degrees, it's where Helsinki is located on the map. I think it's a good name, gives people an idea where we're from.... so we actually spell our name L-60° !!

LK  If you'd have to chose the perfect gig. How would that look?
O: It would not be a massive stadium. Maybe an indoor venue that holds 2000 people... and of course it should be sold out that night..... hahaa..

LK:  How do you describe your music/shows?
O: I try to write songs that has a good melody.. and then I try to spice it up with a rockin' riff and a powerful chorus. As far as live playing, I guess we just want people to enjoy the show that's filled with passion and energy.

LK:  I saw you playing in Tampere in April this year. The bar was full of people and it was a good atmosphere- even Christian from Lovex was there. How is it to see that kind of reaction? And do you think it's worth to play maybe even if the venue is not filled with people?
O: Well, the audience was sitting more on the sides, so we just wanted to have more chilling feel and not rock too hard. And I think the atmosphere was nice... We have lot of " big names" liking our music, so it's nothing new to for us to see somebody more famous than us in the audience. We just love to play anywhere where there's people ready to give our music a change and ready to listen. ( just that you know, that actually the soundguy of Lovex mixed us that night as well).

LK:  Do you think it's harder to establish yourself in other countries than your homecountry just because there are so many bands from Finland nowadays which try to get famous?
O: For us it's been good to get out of Finland. We have much more fans outside of Finland. We are totally unknown band in Finland. AND we are not doing this to get famous or because of fashion. We try to make a long career and concentrate on music more than how we look or act.

LK:  Some people think of depressed, black-wearing, melancholic guys when they hear 'Finland'. Would you say that this is the typical mentality?
O: Yes, hahaa ( I guess they are right).

LK:  Okay. Now a bit more personal question: Since I have two older brothers I grew up with music from AC/DC and Roxette (yes- pretty nice mix XD). Is there any memory like that you can think of? If so- did it influence the music you're doing today??
O: My big brother brought home music so I'm sure that music influenced me... bands like the Beatles, Mötorhead, Black Sabbath, Survivor etc...

LK:  What do you think about the fact, that a lot of girls are travelling to Tampere just because to attend gigs of you and colleagues?
O: I think it's great. I think they fly out more because of bands like Negative, Bloodpit etc.. but I love it. And I always try to take time to talk to everybody who's interested of talking with me. Especially people that come from other countries.

LK:  Do you remember your first experience on stage?
O: I remember the first few, not sure which one was first, since that was so long time ago..

LK:  Last but not least I'd like to know whether and most of all what we can expect from L-60 in future.
O: A great new cd. It's all practised and we are trying to get into the studio some time this year. I think it will be twice as good as Feel Nothing.

LK: Thank you very much for your time.
O: Thanks very much.
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