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Interview with Jann from Jann Wilde & Rose Aveneue.

Made by Lithium Kitten for The Pink Carpet Grave Promotions.
Copyright by Lithium Kitten/PCG Promotions

Lithium Kitten: Recently you were in Studio with other finnish musicians, such as Jonne from Negative, to record Queens 'To much love will kill you'. Can you tell me how that was and whether you would work together with
other artists, again?
Jann: When we were recording that song it reminded me a lot of some sort of
charity single or something - so I was excited. It gave me a feeling that
music can be really important in many different levels and as you can see
it's underlined very well in that video. I'm glad we had guts to do something like that. Personally I'm always looking forward to all kind of projects.

LK: Who would you choose to work with?
J: Gary Numan (LK: brit. Musician and electropop pioneer)

LK: What was the first impression of the rest of the band when you
first met them?
J: Don't know really because I'm always scared of people when I first met them.

LK: Will you betray me how you've met them?
J: Everything I remember is it was Friday...or maybe Saturday? Not really (not really what? oO) but I first met Ardé and he invited me to join his group and then he introduced me to Tender and then we met René at some party where we played few acoustic numbers just for fun.

LK: Since your hairstyle is very unique I wonder how long it takes you
to fix your hair every morning? *laughs*
J: It really doesn't take very long because my hair is really thick and strong. So it's a bit of a mess even if I don't touch it *smiles*

LK: Okay. So everybody who has seen you performing knows your pantomine
inlay. Is that one of your hobbies or why did you choose that for your
J: Even when I was child I have loved to mime things. To pretend there's
something when there isn't. To use imagination or just to create an
illusion! I first used it on stage as a Ziggy Stardust-joke to my friends but then I noticed that the whole audience was staring my strange acting and afterwards asking "How did you do that?". These days I can't pass a
interview without a question about pantomime... *laughs*

LK: JWRA and Negative have the same management. What else do you have
in common and what is different- except the bandmembers....
J: "We believe in rock'n'roll dreams, silly thoughts about money & fame and
when we get it on we don't feel the shame." I think we share that attitude.

LK: How was it to see the positive reaction of the mainly NGT fanbase
on your shows?
J: Being a support act for such a band like Negative which have a really
fanatic fanbase would have been a total nightmare for any band...but it
turned out to be success! I'm really thankful to Negative and all their fans for accepting us and giving us the chance.

LK: Three things you have to take with you when you're travelling ? -
(Tender, Arde and René don't count *winks*)
J: Razor, Wallet & Toothbrush...? What a boring answer!

LK: Do you remember your first gig with the current Line-Up from JWRA?
J: Yes, it was just like yesterday. On January 2005 we played an acoustic gigat Tampere and it was sold out! On March we had our first electric gig also, at Tampere. They also were the first gigs I have ever played so it's easy to remember.

LK: Has there ever been a different Line-Up?
J: Ardé had another band called Rose Avenue before but it's hard to concern it has nothing to do with this group. I did some music by myself under the name of Jann Wilde before joining the band and many of those songs are on our debut album so I think it's there where the story begins.

LK: What was your favourite movie when you were a little child?
J: Neverending Story. (Indeed he looks a bit like Fuchur...)

LK: Once you gave me the advice to shop at 'Nitrobabe' in Tampere...do
you buy your clothes there as well?
J: They do my stage costumes there *smiles*. But I usually buy most of my clothes second-hand.

LK: Imagine you are in a very bad mood one day. What would be the
worst thing a fan could do? Is there anything which could make you
lose your temper?
J: *laughs* Haha, not really! The only things that are making me angry are if people are close-minded or just thinking about themselves in every occasion.

LK: Your style is kinda different and very unique- have you ever had
any problems with other people? I mean like...ever been in a situation
where they didn't take you serious just because of the way you dress?
J: Oh yeah, everyday! But I don't take these people seriously as well so...

LK: Everybody knows that there is kind of a 'Finlandboom' over here in
Germany- means that finnish bands try to establish theirselves more
and more and that almoast half Germany flies over to Finland for attending gigs. Isn't that sometimes annoying?
J: I think the only thing is that I don't wanna see my nationality as an
advert...I don't describe ourselves as a very finnish band, you see.
So you don't have to listen to bands just because they're from Finland. Just the same thing is about japanese bands right now. But I think the main
reason is that there just happen to be a lots of good bands in Finland right now. *smiles*

LK: When my friend and me spend our vocation in Tampere, we talked to
some guy in that bar. He told us how hard it is to have some time on
your own in your favourite bar or restaurant, since everybody is visiting
your hometown...
What do you think about that? Ever felt like staying at home just
because of that?
J:No, not at all *laughs* I never go to a bar to have my own time.

LK: By the way...do you like to dance? I saw you dancing with René at
„Klubi“ one night *laughs*
J: I love dancing! I have also danced in Bochum with Tender when we had

LK: Did you ever regret to join a band? Has there ever been a
situation where you wished yourself to be something 'normal' like a
police-officer or something?
J: I have seen much more abnormal people doing these jobs that we describe as normal...and that's hilarious. (huh?)

LK: Can you tell me the moment you decided to form a band? Or what was
the main reason for you?
J: I would never play in a band just to be in a band so I think it's more like my passion to create art and everything...I don't consider myself as a
musician because I might as well be a painter or a writer...The band is a
way to realise your passion of art.

LK: Is there any advice you want to give your fans? (that actually was a serious question XD)
J: Don't feed us after midnight.

LK: Last but not least: What can we expect from JWRA in the future?
Any gigs planned here in Germany. We'd love to see you again- and I'm
sure I'm speaking for a lot of people when I say that...
J: We are just keep on working to make things better and better. We have wrote lots of new songs to our forthcoming second album and right now we are on the way to perform our first ever festival gigs in Finland!
This is still the beginning so...beware you lover lover lovers!
J: Danke!
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