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Pink Carpet Grave Promotion. This name stands for music, fun, rock and roll, journeys and last but not least working together, based of friendship.

We tried to find a way to bring finnish bands with their own and different style of celebrating Rock and Roll over here to Germany.
So as you see the Pink Carpet Grave is more of an volunteer work to give those musicians a chance to reach more and more people with their music. By attending concerts and making interviews, we take a closer look at every artist and share it with others. Communicating with fans is what's making a band popular. Pink Carpet Grave Promotion wants to give this chance to all finnish bands which are interested in getting a solide fanbase, far away from any boring interviews and forced Meet and Greets.

By trying to communicate with the bands theirselves and win them over for our ideas of sharing our love to music in our way, we want to take our readers on a journey through the juvenile pink hell of finnisch Rock and Roll. With our unique way of living and asking, we take a closer look and maybe even a sneak behind the curtain, to become a part of Rock and Roll history made in Finland...


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Special thanks from the Lithium Kitten  to Rock Bitch for supporting and helping.

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