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Short onlineinterview with Matthau from Bloodpit - 1st July 2007
Interviewed by Lithium Kitten for The Pink Carpet Grave Productions
Copyright by Lithium Kitten

You will notice that it is different from a face to face interview and, of course there are some sharp steps between the questions- since I sent him the blanc questionnaire and  it is kinda difficult to know what he will answer. That means I couldn't ask some more things when an answer was not that clear.  So- I tried my best to link the questions as good as possible.

Lithium Kitten
M: Matthau

Lithium Kitten:
Where and when did you meet the other guys?
Matthau: I met Alarik and Aleksi both in 2002. Paavo and Aleksi had already met the night before the audition...they had spent the night together in jail...not in the same bed, though. Paavo and I ran into Alarik at a bar somewhere and when I saw him I said to Paavo: this is our guy. Of course, Paavo and I have known each other forever.

What was the first impression about them?
M: I thought Alarik looked cool, he had his Jim Morrison hair back then and he was really beautiful. Aleksi was different... he looked totally different than today...but he was our guy, too.

LK: When and where did you have your first gig?
M: November 26th 1999 at Vuoltsu in Tampere, Finland. It was incredible. I thought we were so good when in reality we sucked big time. Paavo used to play his back to the audience. Antti Romppanen played the drums.

LK:  Is the current Line-Up different from the past?
M: We started out as a trio with Janne Kolehmainen on the bass followed by Arnold T. Kumputie on the drums...(he passed out during the audition). Then there was Christus and Paspartou on the bass (not at the same time) and finally Alarik and Aleksi.

LK: If you would have to characterise yourself and the rest of the band...what would you say? Are there typically attributes which your fans dont know? XD
M: ...and I would like to keep it that way.

LK:  I can imagine that it might be pretty hard for a finnish band to establish in Germany- since we have a lot of bands coming over. Imagine that I don't know your music. What differs you from other finnish bands? In your opinion, of course? XD
M: We are honest, we don't play any roles and we love our fans. Musically, it's hard for me to say because I..m too close. But people say we sound original... but sometimes I doubt it because tehere are thousands of bands who use Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps.

LK: Could you imagine doing something like a collaboration with any other band/artist?
M: Sure, why not? You can learn a lot by listening to other people.

LK: What was the main reason for you to start a band?
M: I had to. I just had to. It was in my blood and every cell.

LK:  Why did you choose the name BLOODPIT?
M: Blame it on John Lennon who told Paavo to put a band together. Paavo had a weird dream where Lennon advised him to start a band called Bloodsomething...but because of his thick cockney accent he didn't get what it was, but it was something close to Bloodpit.

LK: Are you content with the crowd which is attending your gigs?
M: Sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not. Of course I would like to see huge audiences every night but I realize we're not that big, yet.

LK:  If you could- would you change anything within the band or yourself?
M: Frankly, I'm pretty happy with the way things are right now.

LK:  Ever thought about just quitting everything?
M: Yeah, but then what?

LK:  If so- what made you continuing? *if so, thank god you did ^^*
M: Adrenaline. I'm addicted to adrenaline and I just gotta have more. No, seriously I keep doing this because I love it and I keep doing this because there are people who love what we're doing and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

LK:  What can people expect from your live gigs?
M: Pretty much anything....Testosterone meets female audience.

Is there anything you would give music up for?
M: Nothing.

LK:  What/who do you want to reach with your music and what can we expect from BLOODPIT in the future?
M: Everybody who's into this kinda music...Future: One tour at a time.

Special Thanks to Matthau for taking the time and answering this questions- kinda spontanious.
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