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Mixed News and Negative Interview

Jann Wilde und Rose Avenue

I'm happy to announce that things are coming together with the band!
After the first rehearsals it's obvious that the new group will not
only carry on the spirit and ideology that JWRA represented but also
will be able to create a much more fashionable musical experience.
We'd like to thank all the people who answered our ad for new band

members. There were some nice surprises, so hang on! This is the
beginning...The beginning for you and me. / Jann Wilde



Private Line

Jack (a.k.a. Japa) from Private Line will start as a radio program host
at Helsinki based radio station Lähiradio 100,3 Mhz.
Program will be called as ULTIMATE ROCK'N'ROLL SHOW
and the hosts/Djs are radiohost professional Sheriffi Jopi and Jack from Private Line.



Heijaste Debut album info and Joona’s departure

Hi Guys!

Just letting you know that our first album is titled "Silta Yli Kaiken" (Bridge Over Everything, in English). The first single "Kiinni" and it'll be out later this autumn. So stay tuned for that, we'll post it in MySpace when time is right. It's going to be great.

Some sad news too. Our keyboardist Joona has decided to call it quits. After a long and thoughtful period Joona felt that being a musician simply isn't what he wants in life. We respect his decision and wish all the best for him and his family. We've seen a lot of turbulence in the local rock scene lately but this has not nothing to do with it. Joona will play the gigs until November. Due to this, he is not in the new promotional photos and will not do any interviews.





Interview with Antti and Larry from Negative in Dresden.

Lithium Kitten and new co-worker Rock_Bitch (Interviews) will interview Antti and Larry in Dresden, 15th September. The Interview and some pictures will be online as soon as possible.

4.9.07 21:04

Private Line and Negative

As you can read on the Myspacesite from PL Latin, Jack announced that their 2nd album, called Evel Knievel Factor, will be released in Brasil on September 24th. Another chance to spread the word and become famous.

PCG wishes them good luck and a lot of sellings.





Ngt need your help to spread the word and collect some pictures for us!! Pictures of what you might ask? Well pictures of your NGT tattoos!!!!

So send in a pic of your tattoo anything NGT related to ngtmemories@gmail.com

Webmasters, Forum Admins, NGT or Finnish related websites, Myspace support and Street Team pages need to rally together and help us get this news out to everyone who has an awesome tattoo!!!

Thanks NGT


Negative to tour China in October

Finnish rockers Negative will be among the first Finnish artists to tour China. The group will play three Chinese dates in early October: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. In Shanghai one of China's biggest TV stations will film the group's performance for future broadcast. In addition, China's biggest music magazine will feature Jonne Aaron on its cover. "It's a great honour for us to be invited to play in China," said Aaron in a statement. "We're really looking forward to finding new friends there. It's so nice to finally have this tour confirmed." To coincide with the gigs in October, Negative's web site will soon be translated into Chinese.

Tour dates (venue details to be announced):

Oct. 01 - Peking

Oct. 03 - Zhongshan Park, Shanghai

Oct. 05 - Shenzhen



15.8.07 18:04

One month left...

...until the Lithium Bitches attend the first Negative gig which well be placed at Dresden.

That means for you:



-Pictures online, soon.


We're trying our best to put our gallery online. Having some trouble with the webspace, it will take some more time.


Thanx for your patience. 

14.8.07 23:38

New Found Glory?

News from Jann Wilde and Tender Rexx (JWRA)

As the two finnisch musicians announced they will continue making music together- but without Arde and Rene. Wilde and Rexx are searching a new band. Interested? Send your application:


Helpful features: a picture and residence in Tampere/Fi PCG-Promotion wishes Jann and Tender good luck and all the contesters as well!!


9.8.07 11:58

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