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Negative is in the finals for the EMAs- best finnisch act. 






On November 2nd Lovex's new digital single Bullet For The Pain (Album: Divine Insanity) will be released.

New single, new tour and a new competition. Do you want to meet Lovex? If so write an e-mail with your contact dates and the reason why you  need to meet them to: 


Winners will be contacted soon enough!






Jann & Tender have announced that their new band will be revealed 01 November, 2007! New website and myspace.com-profile will be online during that day where you can find information about the band and its members! Stay tune!


René’s new band!!

René announced that he is currently playing in a band called High Octaine! Check this out for information and some demo recordings http://www.myspace.com/highoctaineband



Livereview- Negative/Bochum

11.10.07 20:35

Negative-LoveX-L60°-Jann Wilde-PCG Updates

Radio voting for NGT

Vote for "A Song For The Broken Hearted" on Radio NRJ's
Hitti vai Huti (Hit of Miss) competition here:







You want Lovex to perfom @ MTV EMA's in Munich??? 


Follow these instructions:

Step 1 - national: Please visit the NSOE voting site (link below) anytime from August 29th and you can vote for us as the favorite national nominee four weeks long (remember to choose FINLAND as your country). This is the first step for us to win and perform live during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 in Munich November 1st.

Step 2 - european: The artist with most voices in every country is one out of 17 national European winners. If we are the ones with the most voices, you are able to vote for us again as your favorite European artist. The Voting is going to be online by september 24th. It is going to be a knock out procedure and only three music talents will be left.

Step 3 - the show: Finally Battle! The three finalists are flying to Munich. Only one newcomer is going to perform live on stage during the EMAs. The audience can decide by SMS, on-line or call during the show, who is going to win.





 New Tourdates


The band announced new tourdates throughout the UK. For more info check out their official Myspace.






Jann Wilde to produce EP.


Jann Wilde (former Jann Wilde and Rose Avenue) will produce an EP for the band Rendez-Vous.

News about his new project with mate Tender Rexx are awaited and will be announced here as soon as possible.




Moreover I am happy to tell that PCG will promote two new bands in near future.

We will inform you about FLINCH and DAY ELEVEN. So stay tuned. 




23.9.07 17:31

Rock and Roll can never die!!

Interview with Antti and Larry from Negative online, now!
23.9.07 00:39

Interviews Online!!

We've updated our Interviewsection a bit. Now you can find interviews with Lovex, Private Line and Oli from L-60°, as well.

+ Heijaste-Bio (old version)

+ Gallery 

Since we have a lot to do with our jobs and school you will have to wait a bit longer for the buttons and stuff. But we're working on it.




Biography (L-60° and updated Heijaste)

Interview with Antti and Larry from Negative


Thank you for your patience!



Moreover we're happy to announce two new members on PCG:

Rock Bitch and Lahja recently joined our team to help keeping everything updated. We're really looking forward on working together with them. Welcome!! 

8.9.07 00:36

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